Is professional Carpet Cleaning Worth it? 3 Reasons Why it is

It's easy to imagine that your carpet is clean even when it's harbouring plenty of dust, dirt and microorganisms. Regular carpet cleaning helps to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your household. It is also instrumental in extending the carpet's life. But, perhaps the most fundamental carpet cleaning benefit is ensuring your family's health. While you can benefit from vacuuming your carpet frequently, there are tremendous benefits linked to professional carpet cleaning.

Removes Trapped Pollutants

Experts suggest that unclean carpets can harbour various causes of indoor air pollution such as cockroach allergens, lead particles and pet dander. It is possible for toxic airborne gasses to adhere to any of these elements and become trapped in the carpet. It only takes an activity such as walking through the carpet or vacuuming to set of these harmful gases into your indoor atmosphere. These contaminants can provoke sneezing. Allergic or asthmatic people could have more severe reactions to this interaction. Carpet cleaning experts utilise advanced technology and specialised detergents to kill and eliminate these contaminants.

Dust Mite Prevention

Dust mites are microscopic. Therefore, it is not surprising that they may have infested your carpet without your slightest knowledge. It is important to note that these creatures are not allergens. However, they tend to leave body fragments and faeces which are allergens. Their microscopic nature allows these particles to be inhaled, exacerbating allergies in the process. Most carpet cleaning professionals utilise a method called steam cleaning to perform carpet maintenance. It involves exposing the carpet to high heat levels making it difficult for the mites to survive.

Mould Prevention

Dirty carpets face the risk of developing mould.  This is especially true in highly humid areas or when the dirty carpet catches moisture. Precipitous weather also contributes to mould growth as the moisture can seep into the carpet fabric. The airborne spores produced by mould have been linked to various respiratory defects including asthma. Regular cleaning will ensure that your home stays clear of mildew and mould. Carpet cleaners can also annihilate any moisture in your carpet with their high-powered drying equipment.

Regular carpet cleaning habits improve the quality of your indoor air which has multiple benefits on the health of your family. It is especially critical to maintain high standards of cleanliness especially if you have young children. This is because they are more susceptible to infections resulting from poor air quality. Get in touch with a professional carpet cleaner, like one from You'll Say Wow Carpet Cleaning, today.